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Sunday, January 12, 2014



We had 2 solid weeks off. It was awesomeness.

and....we started back to school last Monday. By Wed. I was crawling into bed at 7:30pm. Hey, don't judge. I might have slept in my clothes, just saying. Ewww.

Here's a sneak peak of the cool things we did this week. Just in case you're wondering, I make it a habit to never, ever, unless absolutely necessary start new projects the first week back.

So yes, that means their projects have a "sleep over" hahaha and hang out in the art room over break, and yes I have to do a quickie re-teach with each class, but at least now I have their attention and focus. Which we don't have the week before break, amiright? And I am not starting new projects with every single class the first week back, which is insanity.

Ok, check this out (so proud of these kids!):

What were you doing any day this week at 8:15 am? Because 5th graders were up to their elbows in Glue Batik. Guiding Idea: Lines can be expressive.

Some had to finish painting with acrylics.

After soaking and rubbing the fabric in water for a few minutes, we scrapped the glue off with paper clips.

See? Easy peasy.

Water stations at each table. Fuuuuuuuun!

Next, third graders are creating Monochromatic Landscapes:
Guiding Ideas: 3D perspective, color theory (students also had to mix compliments, tints and shades) and Landforms (Science connection). Student choice for materials.

This is her very first painting ever. She came from a school district with no Art!

Yes, they were able to choose their media, from drawing with colored pencils to oil pastels to watercolor to fabric collage. As you can see, most chose painting ^.^

Next up, it's 11 am and we have 4th grade and Greek Pots (2D). Guiding Ideas: historical reference, geometric pattern and modern self portraits. These self portraits should demonstrate something the student likes to do during their free time. 

Students researched the various Greek pots (lots of awesome websites out there- love the British Museum!) and either drew their favorite one or used a template.

This is my way to try out new materials to see if they are worth it: Crayola Gel FX Markers and Crayola Metallic FX crayons. Jury is still out on the markers (they dry up quickly):

There is a huge WOW factor with these. 

Then it's a quick 1/2 hour lunch and:

Kindergarten glazed their ceramic pots, which I have no pictures of, as I am sure you understand? imeancomeon. Guiding Idea: get through the class, joking!
but this is what my hands looked like...

Now it is 1:00pm and 1st grade is building some coiled clay pots, Guiding Ideas: proper clay techniques with attaching clay, form and function are related:

Score, Slip and Secure!

They could add on if they desired. 

This room has never been so quiet. Amazing.
Not bad for 7 year olds! Can't wait to see them glazed, magical!

2pm, last class of the day: 2nd grade, drawing Selfies! Guiding Ideas: Portraits can be expressive, using technology to aid our art making:
Students took photographs of themselves showing a mood or expression. They used this photo to create an expressive self portrait.

The background has to explain why they are making the expression. They are creating the background and then attaching the portrait separately, allowing for more creative freedom.

For those of you not familiar with elementary art, this was my day, every day last week, and a typical week. The crazy weeks are when we start new projects...

So coming up this week: Finishing, final assessment (class and individual critiques), my grades are due, students need to take photographs of their art and upload it to their Google Drive. If we have time, we will start discussing and planning our next project. 

And we are back! *hit the ground running!*


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  1. WOW!!! I thought my week was crazy! Projects look great! We have SGO data AND grades due in a week! Vacation was great here also!