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Hi, I am an artist, wife, mom, gamer and the Elementary Art Educator at Donald Elementary, a sweet and wonderful school in Flower Mound, TX (outside of Dallas). This is a great place to see how we are integrating studio habits with technology and interdisciplinary connections. I also love to share my "wisdom" (Re: Experiences. From mistakes.) about teaching Elementary Art. I love what I do, and I've been doing it for a long time. Creating and teaching Art is what I live for. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Van Gogh Inspired Collages

Here are my Kindergartners interpretation of Van Gogh's very famous "Sunflowers" as seen here:

As I told them about his sad life story, I made sure to reiterate how creating art made him happy. Maybe when you're in a bad mood, you could do the same?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Paint and Brush Gang: a study in creative freedom and shenanigains

I LOVE and adore my Art Club. I call them the "Paint and Brush Gang" as a nod to my first 4 years of teaching art in Trenton, NJ. We used to get together weekly for much needed support and friendship, calling ourselves the Paint and Brush Gang. I miss them!

Calling Target: Graphic Design Drawing Lesson

My third graders learned a little about creating graphic art. They focused on symmetrical circles filled with cool lines designs and patterns. Actually, I think they have mastered the idea...now I am just waiting for Ikea or Target to call for the designs! hee hee!

It was so easy to demonstrate how lines, shapes and patterns fill our visual world. Every class had at least 3 kids wearing shirts or hoodies featuring graphic designs. They totally get the idea, and now they appreciate the time and patience it takes to create such art.

Students choose their own media from a variety of colored pencils, markers and permanent markers.

Wouldn't these look AMAZING on t-shirts or hoodies? Sheets and pillows? Shower curtains? Skateboards?