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Hi, I am an artist, wife, mom, gamer and the Elementary Art Educator at Donald Elementary, a sweet and wonderful school in Flower Mound, TX (outside of Dallas). This is a great place to see how we are integrating studio habits with technology and interdisciplinary connections. I also love to share my "wisdom" (Re: Experiences. From mistakes.) about teaching Elementary Art. I love what I do, and I've been doing it for a long time. Creating and teaching Art is what I live for. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Meet Bruce.


Bruce is a "former" Storm Trooper who really wants to be an artist. He is hanging out in the (way cool) Donald Art room to help out and learn with our kiddoes. 

With our district's push to promote our programs, our kids and our stories on social media, featuring Bruce was the absolutely only logical conclusion...if you know me at all. 

Please follow Bruce's adventures on Twitter, @donaldartroom #Brucelovesart, or on Facebook, The Way Cool Donald Art Room

Bruce is learning about Art Centers...

...and friendship...

...and new ways to be creative...

...and how to talk about art...

...and craftsmanship...
...and sharing...

...and just how awesome the Art Room is!
Keep watching out for shenanigans and way cool art making!

"Wait a minute. Teachers get HOW LONG for lunch?"

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