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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lewisville ISD Elementary Art Show, 2015

Every year, we put on a HUGE district-wide student art show, separated by levels. It is SO COOL.

There is a highly acclaimed, competitive High School Student Show, where students can win prizes and scholarships, a Middle School Show, and, since our district is so large, 2 Elementary shows. Middle and Elementary shows do not compete. 

These are held in a brand-spanking-new, sun-filled, beautiful local community gallery located in The MCL Grand Theater in Lewisville, TX. 

At the elementary level, we have 2 awesome Gallery Committees, who measure and make sure each art teacher is given a set spot. These spots rotate every year. The Committee creates name tag templates, invitation templates, and announcements for all of us to share with our school community. THEY ROCK. Everything flows so smoothly!

We are given 8 large foam boards on which to attach our work. Not the most elegant solution, but it does save the gallery walls. Over the years, we have become pros with tacking T-pins and yelling/stapling on uncooperative foam board. 

The Donald wall. Yes, we hang from floor to ceiling. It looks like an art room explosion. 
So happy we have great display areas for 3D work!

We hang the show after school Tuesday-Thursday, and have an Opening Reception Friday night. It is a special occasion and many of our kids come dressed up and have a special dinner. So sweet!

Normally we have hundreds of families show up for the Opening Reception, but a lovely thunderstorm kept many home last Friday evening. Luckily, the gallery is open Tuesday-Sat as well. Each show stays up for almost 2 weeks. 

Love this! 

All in all, I had about 80 children represent my school, from Kinder through 5th grade. Selecting the art is hard work, I tend to do it 3 weeks before the show. I usually pull about 100 pieces. I pre-cut Kraft paper the size of the foam board and go from there. Many times, I bring in other teachers to help select the finalists.

Planning placement at school. This takes HOURS, with the mounting and moving pieces around. 
Also, DOUBLE CHECK the names to ensure you have the right kid. 
Yes, I have given an invite to a kid and left their art out of the show, and it is an awful, terrible day. 
My husband gets to remind me every year...hahaha.

Yes, it does take planning to put on a show like this. You really do need to pull art all year. 

Yes, it is a lot of work to properly mount, label, make and hand out invites, hang announcements. 

Yes, we all tend to bring too much art and stress about how to hang it all.

But, as always, it all works out, and it is such a huge success!

Check out that smile, I mean, come on!

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