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Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Art around our School

 Check out some of the sweet holiday crafts happening around our school today.

 One of the many things I love about Donald is our amazing parental involvement. Our PTA hosts an "Elf Alley", where kids can sign up to create various holiday crafts that they can give as gifts.

I remember back in the day, there was a special store at the mall for kids to purchase cheap-o gifts for  parents. I remember the magic of buying a tiny crystal angel for my mom and a terrible tie pin for my dad! I was so excited.

But look at what our PTA does:

This is sooooo much better! Handcrafted gifts! Parents and grandparents LOVE getting these handmade gifts.

Also, since the PTA has this covered, I am off the hook for any "Holiday" crafts in the Art room, and I can continue with my curriculum! Thank you!

Down the hall, Kinder is creating personalized Christmas/Winter Tree sweatshirts. Such a special work of wearable art.

These PTA and classroom teacher sponsored holiday crafts are an important part of our school culture. They really help build community and create long lasting, meaningful childhood memories.

Both my kids went here to Donald (yes, I was their art teacher... it's therapy for them later on) I know I loved it when they made these tree and snowmen sweatshirts, and I cried a little when I opened their handcrafted Christmas ornament on Christmas morning.

So even for a hardcore art teacher, these holiday crafts hit me in the heart.

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