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Hi, I am an artist, wife, mom, gamer and the Elementary Art Educator at Donald Elementary, a sweet and wonderful school in Flower Mound, TX (outside of Dallas). This is a great place to see how we are integrating studio habits with technology and interdisciplinary connections. I also love to share my "wisdom" (Re: Experiences. From mistakes.) about teaching Elementary Art. I love what I do, and I've been doing it for a long time. Creating and teaching Art is what I live for. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Updated my "Philosophy" page. Checking ego at the door. But check out those peaches!

Like any teacher, I am spending this summer thinking about last school year and what can be improved for this school year. (I am also catching up on TV, watching Battlestar Galactica. So. Good. How did I miss this?)

I decided this blog needed a bit of dusting. I was checking the stats on my blog and it seems that some of you crazy kids are checking out My Philosophy of Art Ed page. Eeck.

So I re-read it, grimaced, drank some wine and did a little editing and revising.

Check it out and let me know what you think. I welcome peer reviews!


  1. First off, love the peaches! My grandmother had peach, plum, apple and cherry trees! Yum! Second, your new philosophy page, WOW! You have been busy writing! Vey well written and thought out! Love and agree with so many things you said! Enjoy Battlestar Galactica! We are coming off of AMC's Dead, White and Blue weekend... Sunday was a lazy day and we putzed around the house doing random things while season 4 played...my daughter is completely obsessed with the characters and is dying to see what happens in season 5... she is basically counting down to October... :)

  2. Thanks! And thanks for inspiring me to get up and do the work :) I am super jealous of your mountain views btw...enjoy the summer and relax, think no assessment thoughts!