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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What lives in the water? First grade Art and Science integration.

First graders learn about the water cycle and types of water ecosystems (Salt, fresh. Oceans, lakes, aquariums, etc)

What a great way to integrate art and science! So fun and easy. We had a fun and quick convo about creatures (plants and animals) of salt water, fresh water, tide pools, fish bowls. Students created their own drawing of their favorite ecosystem.

What lives in the water? What is the habitat?

Having iPads for research was the HUGE blessing here. Kids were easily able to pull up ecosystems and images as a resource.

We did oil pastel batik:

  1. Draw water -based creatures and habitat 
  2. Crumble paper, artistically! The more crumbles, the more batik-like it will look. Then smooth it out.
  3. Go over drawing with heavy chalk outlines (or you can do white crayon for younger kids)
  4. Oil pastel colors, apply heavy but do not go over the chalk lines (we call them Hot Lava!)
  5. Paint over with black tempera or black watercolor, dabbing off pools of unwanted color

The kids were so thrilled with their end results. They were also excited about being able to apply their knowledge and fascination to this way cool project.

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