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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

So this happened...*updated

The sub NAILED IT! All the projects went smoothly and all my directions were followed!
Quote, "Mrs. McReynolds, The white board was very impressive :) It actually helped the students to remember what they needed to do.
Thank you for the very detailed instructions. I did not have the heart to erase it!"

It's a good thing too, as I was absent the next day as well (unexpectedly)!

I have a sub tomorrow.

And maybe, just maybe I had too much time on my hands today after school.

Because this happened-

Here is a close up of the crazy. I am horrified/impressed.

My poor sub. My poor, poor sub.


  1. wow! you need to let us know how well things went!

  2. I will on Monday. I was out Friday as well UGH...