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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer is Coming.

Get me to that beach!!!
 A super fun and easy way to introduce printmaking to Kinder is with Mono Prints. We just folded the paper, how easy, how cool!

The first thing was to brainstorm and discuss the kids favorite place to hang during the summer. We have a sweet duck pond near the school, or many kids go to a lake or the Gulf.

We talked about things you might find in the water (mermaids and fish of course) and things you might see in the sky on a summer day (a blazing Texas sun of course), we reviewed reflections on water and horizon lines.

The kids used crayon resist to create their sky, water and land background. The only thing they could not draw were the trees, as those were the printing portion of this program.

The following week I had a printing station set up and we worked in small groups. They could create any kind of tree and wildflower, working quickly so the paint did not dry. Once they were happy with their work, they simply folded the paper, rubbed and pulled their print. The print became the reflection on the water.

These are so gorgeous! Summer is coming.

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  1. I love these! They look great! Your kids did a great job! Thanks for sharing them! :)