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Hi, I am an artist, wife, mom, gamer and the Elementary Art Educator at Donald Elementary, a sweet and wonderful school in Flower Mound, TX (outside of Dallas). This is a great place to see how we are integrating studio habits with technology and interdisciplinary connections. I also love to share my "wisdom" (Re: Experiences. From mistakes.) about teaching Elementary Art. I love what I do, and I've been doing it for a long time. Creating and teaching Art is what I live for. Enjoy.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Donald Student Art Show!

Hanging the Student Art Show: The Good, the Awesome and the Stressful.

Ready for some cool stuff? Here is our annual Student Art Show. Every student in the school has one-two works of art representing them. I LOVE covering the walls and filling the display cases with their beautiful art.

The kids love it, the teachers love it, my administration loves it (my principal even invites other principals over the see it!), my parents love it and the community loves it. I love it...after it is all up. My husband and my kids? They don't love it as much. Wonder why...naw, they're fine!

The most important thing I do is mount the work, label it and try to hang it so it looks professional for the WOW factor. It works.

 ...but this takes awhile and requires a lot of organization. I keep track of what every kid has up and and kids and I double check it. I make mistakes and forget to put something up. That really stinks and I feel like a total ding dong. I also rely on my art club to come in during recess and hang the work. Takes about 2-3 weeks. And some late nights and weekends.

Worth it.

I am so proud of my kids. They took these ideas and RAN with them:
Oaxacan Inspired Ceramic Birds: 3rd grade
1st Grade Bubbles!

Photo: A 15 hour work day, but the art show is 90% up!
Pizza Box Puzzles, featuring  Impressionist (and Post) Artists (and Dr. Who! Yeah, Whovians,  the "Sunflowers" vase  says "for Amy". Ahhhhhhhh!) 5th grade

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  1. Love it!! I teach at McAuliffe Elementary in Highland Village. This is my second year teaching art. I am sure we have been in in service together, but I would love to meet up with you sometime. Also, when's the show? I would love to come by!